"What higher calling is there than the preservation of beauty, and the defense of love?"

Prerequisite: Any divine class, must worship Sune

You are a champion of Sune, goddess of love and beauty. You delight in art, music, dance, poetry, and all other pursuits that lend beauty to mortal lives. Romance is certainly at the forefront of these, but you are no simple hedonist—to you, a courtship marked by chivalry and gallant gestures is the highest expression of true love.
    You oppose cruelty, callousness, and tyranny in all their forms. Evil creatures often seek to hoard or destroy things of beauty, and hold no love in their hearts. You seek to protect love wherever it exists and set right any wrongs that interfere with love’s intended course. Daring quests and long-nurtured hopes stir your heart, especially those that lead to the flowering of beauty in a place where evil once held sway. Although you do not take pleasure in combat, sometimes evil can be checked by no other means. Through your devotion and loyalty to your companions, Sune’s divine love shields them from harm and lends courage to their hearts.
    Heartwarders are most often wandering knights, poets, and gallants who roam Faerûn’s cities and courts. Most can’t resist a little matchmaking, and gladly advise young suitors in the arts of romance.


    Sune's Touch (11th level): When you spend a healing surge, you can restore hit points equal to one-half your level + your Charisma modifier to an adjacent ally.
    Tears of Evergold (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, all foes within 10 squares of you who are vulnerable to a type of damage take damage equal to that vulnerability. If a foe is vulnerable to more than one type of damage, use the highest value.
    Instinctive Remorse (16th level): After an enemy attacks you, it takes a -4 penalty to attack rolls against you until you attack that enemy, you mark that enemy, or the enemy attacks a different creature.

Heartwarder Attack 11Siren Voice

Your words inflame the passions of your adversary, mesmerizing your enemy for a short time.

Encounter        Divine, Implement
Standard Action      Ranged 5

Target: One creature

Attack: Charisma vs. Will

Hit: The target is dominated until the end of your next turn or until the target is attacked.

Heartwarder Utility 12Sune's Shield

With divine compassion, you ward your ally from harm at your own expense.

Daily        Divine
Minor Action      Ranged 10

Targets: Two allies within 5 squares of each other, or an ally within 5 squares of you and yourself

Effect: Until the end of the encounter, any time one of the targets takes damage, the other target can choose to take half that damage in the first target’s stead.

Heartwarder Attack 20Sune's Kiss

Your touch plants a seed of love in your foe’s heart, overwhelming your enemy. Harm that befalls you injures your foe as well.

Daily        Divine, Implement
Standard Action      Melee touch

Target: One creature

Attack: Charisma + 2 vs. Will

Hit: You push the target 4 squares, and the target is dazed (save ends). In addition, until the end of the encounter or until you are reduced to 0 hit points or fewer, each time you take damage, the target takes half as much damage as you took.

Miss: You push the target 2 squares, and the target is dazed until the end of its next turn.

Published in Forgotten Realms Player's Guide, page(s) 56.