Holy Emissary

"I bring a message from my god—and you will hear it, on pain of death."

Prerequisite: Cleric

You are a herald of the gods, imbued with divine will. Wherever you travel, you announce the intentions and desires of your patron. Your actions, words, and beliefs are windows into the gods’ dominions, and through them shines the divine presence.

Although you serve a single deity, you enjoy a special connection with all divine powers, allowing them to subtly influence you and those around you. You might even be moved to prophesy from time to time. Some devotees of your faith might distrust this relationship; although they too honor all the gods, they take pride in their service to a single deity.

Whenever you speak in Supernal or utter your prayers, a tongue of fire appears over your head. The flame does not burn and sheds only the faintest light, but it does identify your special status.


    Gift of Grace Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, each ally adjacent to you also gains a bonus to all defenses equal to your Charisma modifier until the end of your next turn.
    Gift of Hope (11th level): Any ally who ends his or her turn adjacent to you gains a +2 bonus to saving throws until the start of his or her next turn.
    Holy Tongue (11th level): You are fluent in Supernal.
    Gift of Life (16th level): When you restore hit points to a bloodied target by using a divine healing power, the target regains 1d6 additional hit points.

Holy Emissary Attack 11Trumpet of Awe

Astral trumpets announce your god. Your allies take heart and your enemies quail before the divine presence.

Encounter        Divine, Implement, Thunder
Standard Action      Close blast 3

Target: Each enemy in the blast

Attack: Wisdom vs. Will

Hit: 1d8 + Wisdom modifier thunder damage, and the target grants combat advantage until the end of your next turn.

Effect: Each ally in the blast can make a saving throw with a bonus equal to your Charisma modifier.

Holy Emissary Utility 12Call Home the Weary

Your ally has fought well, but now must withdraw to rest and recover.

Encounter        Divine, Healing, Teleportation
Standard Action      Ranged 10

Target: One bloodied ally

Effect: The target teleports to a square adjacent to you and can spend a healing surge, adding your Charisma modifier to the hit points regained.

Holy Emissary Attack 20Message of War

You raise your voice in song, joining your music with an angelic choir to urge your comrades to victory.

Daily        Divine, Implement, Radiant
Standard Action      Ranged 10

Target: One enemy

Attack: Wisdom vs. Reflex

Hit: 3d8 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage.

Effect: Each ally adjacent to the target can make a melee basic attack against it as a free action, with a bonus to the attack roll and the damage roll equal to your Charisma modifier.

Published in Divine Power, page(s) 48.