Knight of Unyielding Bastion

Prerequisite: Paladin

As protectors of civilization and the innocents who dwell therein, many paladins focus their efforts against one particular type of threat, standing fast even when all others run or fall. As a Knight of the Unyielding Bastion, you have been trained in tactics, techniques, and mystical prayers that augment your abilities against dragons.


    Dragon-Slayer's Action (11th level): You can spend an action point to reroll an attack roll against a dragon, or to end a condition currently affecting you that originated from a dragon, and that a save can end. Using this feature replaces the normal action point benefit of taking an extra action.
    Dragon's Challenge (11th level): When you use divine challenge to mark a dragon, it takes a -4 penalty to any attack that does not include you as a target, instead of -2. When a dragon takes damage from your divine challenge, it takes additional damage equal to your Wisdom modifier.
    Partake of My Strength (16th level): You can use your lay on hands power on an ally as an immediate interrupt when you and an ally are both targeted by a close or area attack

Knight of Unyielding Bastion Attack 11Divine Deflection

Your sword disrupts the dragon’s breath, sending it everywhere but at your friends.

Encounter        Divine, Radiant
Immediate Interrupt      Melee weapon

Trigger: An enemy within reach makes a close attack that includes at least one ally

Target: The triggering enemy

Attack: Strength vs. Reflex

Hit: 2[W] + Strength modifier damage, and each ally in the target’s close attack gains a power bonus to all defenses against the attack equal to 2 + your Wisdom modifier.

Knight of Unyielding Bastion Utility 12Dragon Flame Sacrifice

You shield your ally from the searing flames of the dragon’s breath.

Encounter        Divine, Teleportation
Immediate Interrupt      Close burst 5

Trigger: An ally within the burst is targeted by a close burst attack that does not include you

Target: That ally

Effect: You and the target exchange spaces. You gain a +2 power bonus to defenses against the attack.

Knight of Unyielding Bastion Attack 20Beast-Punishing Strike

Your weapon not only crushes bone and parts flesh, but delivers a tiny seed of energy that takes root within your enemy’s soul.

Daily        Divine, Weapon
Standard Action      Melee weapon

Target: One creature

Attack: Strength vs. AC

Hit: 4[W] + Strength modifier damage. The target cannot recharge powers (save ends).

Published in Dragon Magazine 369, page(s) 48.