Lost Soul

"They say my soul is lost. I say it’s not too late for me to win it back."

Prerequisite: Tiefling, any arcane class

The nobility of ancient Bael Turath made certain promises in exchange for power, but your compact with hell is something new. To put it bluntly, you’ve sold your soul for power. Deep in the Nine Hells, an archdevil holds a contract willingly signed in your hand with your blood.

At the time, the bargain seemed like a good idea: trade away something with no material worth for secrets of arcane power. But the more you learn, the more you worry that you’ve underestimated the value of what you gave up.

Many have forsaken you, perhaps even some of your own friends. But you hold out hope that you can change the destined tragic ending of your story. After all, you helped write it, so why can’t you alter the tale? If nothing else, you’ll use the power you’ve been given to make the collection of your soul more costly than the holder of the contract expects it to be.


    Infernal Retribution (11th level): Whenever you take ongoing damage, choose an enemy that you can see within 10 squares. That enemy takes fire damage equal to the damage you just took.
    Secrets of Arcane Might (11th level): When you spend an action point, add your Charisma or Intelligence modifier as extra damage on a hit with each arcane attack power you use before the end of your next turn.
    Rewards of Arcane Mystery (16th level): When you use an arcane power to reduce an enemy to 0 hit points, you gain temporary hit points equal to your Charisma or Intelligence modifier.

Lost Soul Attack 11Hellish Escape

When the attack lands you vanish in a ball of fire and reappear elsewhere, unscathed by the flames that consume your foes.

Encounter        Arcane, Fire, Implement, Teleportation
Immediate Reaction      Close burst 1

Trigger: An enemy hits you with an attack

Target: Each enemy in the burst

Attack: Charisma or Intelligence vs. Reflex

Hit: 2d6 + Charisma or Intelligence modifier fire damage.

Effect: You teleport 5 squares.

Lost Soul Utility 12Infernal Respite

The powers of hell offer you solace, at the potential cost of your own vitality.

Encounter        Arcane
No Action      Personal

Trigger: You fail a saving throw

Effect: Reroll the save with a bonus equal to your Charisma or Intelligence modifier. If the new save fails, lose a healing surge (or hit points equal to your surge value, if you don’t have any healing surges left).

Lost Soul Attack 20Iron Wall of Dis

You call upon the power of the Nine Hells to lend you a portion of the Iron City’s unmatched protection.

Daily        Arcane, Conjuration, Fire, Implement
Standard Action      Area wall 12 within 10 squares

Effect: You conjure a wall of red-hot iron. The wall can be up to 6 squares high and must be on a solid surface. The wall is a solid obstacle. It can be climbed with an Athletics check (DC 20 + one-half your level). Each square of the wall has 100 hit points and crumbles into difficult terrain if it is destroyed. The whole wall crumbles into dust at the end of the encounter.

Any creature that starts its turn adjacent to or on the wall, or that attempts to climb it, takes 3d8 + Charisma or Intelligence modifier fire damage.

Update (2/15/2012)
Changed in December 2011 updates.

Published in Player's Handbook Races: Tiefling, page(s) 12.