Master Defiler

"What does it matter if a few plants die to fuel my ambitions?"

Prerequisite: Arcane defiling power

The lowly and the ignorant see defilers as craven and corrupt—little more than thieves with magical talent. It’s true that the defiler’s path is selfish in its way: A defiler requires energy from associates and the living world nearby to power his or her greatest spells. And it is also true is that defiling can corrupt the body and mind. But only a fool could fail to see the power that defiling offers, and you are not a fool.

Most who openly defile enjoy the protection of high station or powerful patrons. Perhaps you are of noble birth, and your family’s wealth protects you from the consequences of your actions. You might have been chosen for an arcane education while still young and tutored in the ways of magic by templar instructors, or perhaps you gained the king’s sanction by other means—as a reward for some great service to the king or the city, through bribery, or by the manipulation of powerful nobles or senior templars exercising the king’s favor. If you are not a native of a city-state, the only sanction you require is sheer power: You can defile freely if your tribe protects you, or if you are so powerful that no one dares to challenge you.

If you are one of a sorcerer-king’s sanctioned defilers, you might be expected to make yourself available for special tasks or duties as needed. Such assignments are rare, however; most sorcerer-kings allow master defilers in their cities to do more or less as they wish, trusting that they won’t jeopardize the city or themselves. After all, master defilers are universally loathed, and if anything ever happens to the king, even a master defiler wouldn’t last a day.


    Defiler's Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to make an extra attack, you can use arcane defiling on that attack even if the attack is not an arcane daily power.
    Offensive Defiling (11th level): When you use arcane defiling, one nonminion enemy within 20 squares of you takes damage equal to half your healing surge value.
    Defiler's Addiction (16th level): You can use arcane defiling on one arcane encounter attack power per encounter.

Master Defiler Attack 11Defiling Alacrity

Your mastery of defiling with simple spells allows you to cast them with alarming quickness.

Encounter        Arcane, Necrotic
Standard Action      Personal

Effect: You can use one of your at-will arcane attack powers as a free action. If the attack hits, the power deals 1d10 extra necrotic damage to one target hit by the attack. In addition, the next time you use an arcane attack power before the end of your next turn, you roll two dice for one attack roll and use either result.

Master Defiler Utility 12Defiling Recovery

You quickly defile your surroundings to conserve the energy of a failed spell.

Encounter        Arcane
Free Action      Personal

Trigger: You miss every target with an arcane encounter attack spell.

Effect: The triggering power is not expended.

Master Defiler Attack 20Enemies to Ashes

Like defilers of legend, you steal life force from your enemies, wracking them with pain and turning their bodies into lifeless ash in the process.

Daily        Arcane, Necrotic
Standard Action      Personal

Effect: You can use one of your at-will arcane attack powers as a free action. If the attack hits, one creature hit by the attack also takes ongoing 20 necrotic damage (save ends). Until the ongoing damage ends, the creature hit is considered to be your ally for the purpose of taking damage from arcane defiling. If the attack misses, this power is not expended.

Published in Dark Sun Campaign Setting, page(s) 64.