Master of Flame

"The unquenchable hunger, the unrestrained passion, the merciless destroyer. Fire serves me; be wary."

Prerequisite: Any arcane class

The history of pyromancy parallels the history of all magic among the mortal races. As soon as they first dabbled in the arcane, primitive wizards sought to apply that power to one of the most intimidating and important natural forces of their experience: fire. They learned rudimentary spellcraft under the difficult tutelage of flame, and their experiments became the foundation for almost every subsequent study.

Ironically, pyromancy’s lessened popularity indicates its importance. It remains so fundamental that many wizards take it for granted, relegating it to their perceived inferiors. Common presumptions reveal the truth, however: Tales of wizardry nearly always include at least one fireball.

As a Master of Flame, you embrace this ancient discipline without regard for anyone’s disdain. You will show them true mastery of magic as you devastate opponents with the force they overlook.


    Combustive Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you deal fire damage equal to your level to each enemy adjacent to you.
    Critical Conflagration (11th level): Whenever you score a critical hit with an arcane fire attack, one creature you hit with the attack takes ongoing fire damage equal to twice your Intelligence modifier (save ends).
    Swath of Destruction (16th level): When you use an arcane fire burst or blast attack, you can increase the size of the burst or blast by 1.

Master of Flame Attack 11Fanning the Flames

As flames envelop one of your enemies, you cause the flames to swell and spread to another.

Encounter        Arcane, Fire, Implement
Standard Action      Ranged 10

Target: One creature taking ongoing fire damage

Attack: Intelligence vs. Fortitude

Hit: 2d8 + Intelligence modifier fire damage, and any ongoing fire damage the target is taking increases by 5.

Effect: Make a secondary attack in an area burst 1 centered on the primary target.

  Secondary Target: Each creature in the burst

  Secondary Attack: Intelligence vs. Reflex

  Hit: 2d8 + Intelligence modifier fire damage.

Master of Flame Utility 12Burning Transformation

You become a creature of pure flame.

Daily        Arcane, Fire, Polymorph
Minor Action      Personal

Effect: You transform into a creature of fire until the end of the encounter. While in this form you gain the following benefits and limitations: You are insubstantial, you can shift 1 square as a minor action, you are immune to fire, you gain a +5 power bonus to damage rolls with arcane fire attacks, and you cannot use any attack power without the fire keyword. Additionally, whenever an enemy hits you with a melee attack, it takes fire damage equal to 5 + your Intelligence modifier.

Master of Flame Attack 20Furious Immolation

You summon a titanic column of flame that draws everything nearby toward destruction.

Daily        Arcane, Fire, Implement, Zone
Standard Action      Area burst 2 within 10

Target: Each creature in the burst

Attack: Intelligence vs. Reflex

Hit: 3d6 + Intelligence modifier fire damage.

Miss: Half damage.

Effect: The burst creates a zone that lasts until the end of your next turn. Any creature that enters the zone or starts its turn there takes 15 fire damage (a creature can take this damage only once per turn). Make a secondary attack as an area burst 4 with the same origin square.

  Secondary Target: Each creature in the burst

  Secondary Attack: Intelligence vs. Fortitude

  Hit: You pull the target 2 squares toward the attack’s origin square.

Sustain Minor: The zone persists until the end of your next turn, and you repeat the secondary attack.

Update (2/17/2012)
Changed in December 2011 updates.

Published in Dragon Magazine 388.