"I can see my destiny in the face of the moon, and I call to it in greeting."

Prerequisite: Shifter

Shifters harbor a bestial nature inside themselves. When a shifter is under duress, this nature reveals itself in his or her features and prowess. This innate savagery is the gift of shifters’ lycanthrope ancestors, the quality passed down through the generations that gives the shifter race its identity. Most shifters can call on their legacy when needed, but you enjoy a closer kinship to your lycanthrope forebears.
You take the name moonstalker for the strong lycanthropic heritage you have awakened in your spirit. You have always had an animalistic side, manifested in your physical features and sometimes through your behavior, but at some point you learned that you were different, and that the gift from your ancestors was greater than you could have believed. You are still able to shift your form, physically expressing shifter traits, but you can take that power a step farther and use your bestial nature to fully transform into a wolf or a tiger. This ability accompanies a host of other changes, and your tactics and behavior leave behind civilized methods for those of an untamed predator.


    Go for the Throat (11th level): When you hit a prone target with a melee attack, the attack deals 1d6 extra damage. The extra damage increases to 2d6 at 21st level.
    Hunter Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to make an attack, you can shift a number of squares equal to your Wisdom modifier as a free action before or after the attack.
    Pack Tactics (16th level): While you are adjacent to a prone enemy, you and your allies add your Wisdom modifier to damage rolls against that enemy.

Moonstalker Attack 11Call to the Moon

A bloodcurdling howl escapes from your throat, announcing that the hunt has begun.

Encounter        Fear, Psychic
Minor Action      Close burst 5

Target: Each enemy in the burst

Attack: Wisdom + 4 vs. Will
Level 21: Wisdom + 6 vs. Will

Hit: 1d8 + Wisdom modifier psychic damage, and the target grants combat advantage until the end of your next turn.

Moonstalker Utility 12Unleash the Silent Predator

Your body contorts as you transform into the creature lurking inside you.

Daily        Polymorph
Minor Action      Personal

Effect: You assume the form of a gray wolf or a tiger of your size until the end of the encounter, until you fall unconscious, or until you drop to 0 hit points or fewer. In this form, you add your Wisdom modifier to your speed. In addition, whenever you walk as a move action, you can shift 1 square as a free action before doing so.

Moonstalker Attack 20Circle the Prey

You stalk around your enemy, searching for an opening to make a killing blow.

Daily        Weapon
Standard Action      Melee weapon

Target: One creature

Attack: Strength or Dexterity vs. Reflex

Hit: 3[W] + Strength or Dexterity modifier damage, and ongoing 10 damage (save ends). In addition, you knock the target prone.

Miss: Half damage.

Effect: Before or after the attack, you shift a number of squares equal to your Wisdom modifier. After the attack, the target grants combat advantage to you until the end of your next turn.

Special: When you gain this power, choose Strength or Dexterity as the ability you use when making attack rolls and damage rolls with this power.

Published in Player's Handbook 2, page(s) 24.