Ocular Adept

"I spy with my many eyes, someone about to die."

Prerequisite: Hunter ranger or seeker

For those who wish to control their foes from a distance, there is no better totem creature than the beholder. Ocular adepts are seekers who wish to control everything they see. They possess minds bursting with energy, looking for release.
    The first and greatest expression of the link with your totem creature is the manifestation of a spiriteye. This weapon resembles nothing more than a ghostly eye which f loats in front of the ocular adept. Despite its appearance, a seeker can use some of the principles learned with a mundane ranged weapons to fight with the spiriteye. It takes intense concentration and manipulation of the psionic and primal magics to create the spiriteye, but in time, the ocular adept gains mastery of the weapon and can control it with thought alone.
    Like the eye tyrant, you can make several swift attacks at range and f loat across the battlefield to a safer location. Attacks made with your spiriteye resemble the beholder’s dreaded eye rays, and you have the same variety of effects with them (albeit with less control).


    Blasting Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to make a ranged attack, you may make a ranged basic attack with your spiriteye against a different target as a free action.
    Spiriteye Manifestation (11th level): As a free action, you can transform your ranged weapon into a spiriteye. Your spiriteye uses your ranged weapon’s proficiency bonus, properties, powers, and enhancement bonus, but no longer requires ammunition or any action to load it. This transformation lasts until you dispel it as a minor action, or until the end of your next extended rest.
    Spiriteye Perfection (16th level): Your spiriteye floats above you when you manifest it, and you can mentally control its attacks. It no longer requires any hands to wield it, and when you use it to make a ranged basic attack, it does not provoke opportunity attacks.

Ocular Adept Attack 11Totem Eye Beams

Ghostly eyestalks sprout from your head as eye beams strike your enemies at random.

Encounter        Primal, Psionic, Weapon
Standard Action      Ranged weapon

Requirement: You must make this attack using your spiriteye.

Target: One or two creatures

Attack: Dexterity or Wisdom vs. Reflex

Hit: 2[W] + Dexterity or Wisdom damage, and roll 1d4 to determine the additional effect.

  1.: The target is dazed until the end of your next turn.

  2.: The target is immobilized until the end of your next turn.

  3.: The target takes 1d10 extra damage.

  4.: You slide the target 4 squares.

Effect: Until the end of your turn, you may fly 6 squares as a move action.

Ocular Adept Utility 12Soaring, All-Seeing

Your head sprouts two eyestalks which gaze about as you glide silently through the sky.

Encounter        Polymorph, Primal, Psionic
Minor Action      Personal

Effect: Until the end of your next turn, you gain a fly speed of 4, and being flanked doesn't cause you to grant combat advantage.

Ocular Adept Attack 20Rapid Eye Rays of Doom

Bolts of energy flow from your spiriteye like the attacks of the beholder - swift and deadly.

Daily        Primal, Psionic, Stance
Minor Action      Personal

Effect: You assume the rapid eye rays of doom stance. Until the stance ends, as a minor action once per round, you can make a ranged basic attack with your spiriteye against an enemy within 5 squares of you. If this attack hits, you can shift one square as a free action.

Published in Dragon Magazine 394.