Pit Fighter

Prerequisite: Fighter

You have learned to fight in dungeons and brawling pits, picking up survival tricks along the way. It might not be the prettiest or most elegant fighting style around, but it gets the job done.


    Armor Optimization (11th level): You have learned to make the most of the armor you wear, arranging it to better absorb and deflect blows. You gain a +1 bonus to AC while wearing any kind of armor.
    Extra Damage Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you gain a power bonus to the damage rolls of your standard action attacks this turn. The bonus equals one-half your level.
    Dirty Fighting (16th level): Using tricks and techniques you have learned in constant battles, you know how to add an extra level of pain to every hit you deliver. Your fighter and pit fighter weapon attacks deal extra damage equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Pit Fighter Attack 11All Bets Are Off

After landing a solid blow, you lash out with a quick jab, sending your enemy reeling.

Encounter        Martial, Weapon
Standard Action      Melee weapon

Target: One creature

Attack: Strength vs. AC

Hit: 2[W] + Strength modifier damage. Make a secondary attack against the same target.

  Secondary Attack: Strength + 2 vs. AC

  Hit: 1d6 + Strength modifier damage, and the target is dazed until the end of your next turn.

Pit Fighter Utility 12Deadly Payback

You react viciously to an enemy that just hurt you.

Daily        Martial
Immediate Reaction      Personal

Trigger: An enemy damages you with a melee attack.

Effect: Until the end of your next turn, you gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls against the triggering enemy.

Pit Fighter Attack 20Lion of Battle

You skewer yet another unworthy foe and let loose a tumultuous roar, shaking your weapon in triumph.

Daily        Martial, Weapon
Standard Action      Melee weapon

Primary Target: One creature

Primary Attack: Strength vs. AC

Hit: 4[W] + Strength modifier damage, or 6[W] + Strength modifier damage if the target was bloodied before the attack.

Miss: Half damage.

Effect: If the attack reduces the target to 0 hit points, you can make the secondary attack.

Lion of Battle Secondary Attack

Daily      Fear, Martial, Weapon
No Action      Close burst 5

Secondary Target: Each enemy in the burst

Attack: Strength vs. Will

Hit: The secondary target must take a free action to move up to its speed to a square as far from you as possible.

Published in Player's Handbook, page(s) 87, Class Compendium.