Rimetongue Caller

"It takes a cold heart to wield such power."

Prerequisite: Wizard, Primordial language

Summoned creatures can always be improved upon. Other arcane paths, such as the bonded summoner, deal with infusing magical energy into summoning spells to create a more perfect arcane cohort, but your way seeks the mastery of elemental cold. Using Primordial words of power, you have learned to enhance each summoned servitor with the essence of primordial ice.
This influx of wintery power is not confined to just those creatures you summon; it has also transformed your nature into something more elemental. You have adopted the innate abilities and resistance of primordial cold. Your skin, as well as the outward appearance of your summoned creatures, takes on an ice-blue pallor, and your hair becomes a shock of snow-white strands. Even your arcane flames burn with a rimefire blue color.


    Blizzard's Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, each enemy adjacent to you takes 5 cold damage and is slowed until the end of your next turn.
At 21st level, the cold damage increases to 10.
    Winter's Embrace (11th level): You and your summoned creatures gain resist 3 cold; any existing resistance to cold instead increases by 3. This resistance stacks with other resistance to cold granted by powers or effects.
At 21st level, this resistance improves to 5 (or increases by 5).
    Frostbite Summoning (16th level): Creatures you summon gain the frostbite aura, described below.
Frostbite (Cold) aura 1; each creature that ends its turn within the aura takes 10 cold damage.

Rimetongue Caller Attack 11Wall of Winter

Issuing words of Primordial from frost-covered lips, you conjure an unstable wall of elemental ice and wind.

Encounter        Arcane, Cold, Conjuration, Implement
Standard Action      Area wall 5 within 20 squares

Effect: You conjure a wall of contiguous squares filled with frost and raging wind that lasts until the end of your next turn. The wall can be up to 4 squares high.
    Each creature that starts its turn adjacent to the wall takes 1d8 + your Intelligence modifier cold damage. If a creature moves into the wall’s space or starts its turn there, it takes 2d8 + your Intelligence modifier cold damage, and it is slowed (save ends). A creature can take this damage only once per turn. Entering a square occupied by the wall costs 1 extra square of movement. The squares occupied by the wall are heavily obscured, and the wall blocks line of sight.

Update (2/17/2012)
Changed in December 2011 updates.

Rimetongue Caller Utility 12Icy Calling

You infuse your summoning with the essence of an ice mote of the Primordial Chaos.

Encounter        Arcane, Cold
Free Action      Personal

Effect: The next creature you summon before the end of your turn is immune to cold and deals 1d6 extra cold damage with each attack.

Rimetongue Caller Attack 20Summon Rimefire Brute

A giant of carved ice and frostfire strides from an elemental gateway, and your enemies tremble with cold and fear.

Daily        Arcane, Cold, Implement, Summoning
Minor Action      Ranged 20

Effect: You summon a Large rimefire brute in an unoccupied 2-square-by-2-square space within range. The rimefire brute has reach 2 and a speed of 5. It has a +2 bonus to AC and a +4 bonus to Fortitude. You can give the rimefire brute the following special commands.

  Standard Action: Melee 2; targets one creature; Intelligence vs. AC; 2d10 + Intelligence modifier cold damage, and the target is knocked prone.

  Standard Action: Close blast 3; targets each creature in the blast; Intelligence vs. Fortitude; 2d8 + Intelligence modifier cold damage, and the target is immobilized (save ends).

  Opportunity Attack: Melee 1; Intelligence vs. AC; 2d10 + Intelligence modifier cold damage.

Special: The frostbite aura of a rimefire brute you summon has a range of 2 squares instead of 1.

Published in Arcane Power, page(s) 119.