Thay Infiltrator

"I have traveled beyond to the land of nightmares and have faced horrors that only vigilance can save us from."

Prerequisite: Ranger and healing word class feature, Aglarond regional benefit

You are one of a few brave souls that strike out into Thay, using your stealth and holy might to protect yourself as you pursue your mission. Sometimes you’re asked to reconnoiter for the army, other times you’re sent in to recover a lost object or rescue an abducted citizen before he or she succumbs to a dark fate.
    You serve as an expert guide to any team you accompany into the undead realm of Thay, and your natural leadership helps you navigate your group to your objective as quickly and efficiently as possible.


    Blinded by the Light (11th level): Whenever you hit your quarry with an attack that deals radiant damage, you gain total concealment from the target until the end of your next turn.
    Sacred Stealth (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, after that action is resolved you can move your speed and make a Stealth check to hide from your target (provided you have superior cover or total concealment from that target when you end your movement).
    Rise and Fire (16th level): Whenever you use your healing word to heal a dying ally, you can make a ranged basic attack as a free action.

Thay Infiltrator Attack 11Blessed Shot

You utter a quick prayer to your deity, and charge your projectile with holy energy.

Encounter        Divine, Radiant, Weapon
Standard Action      Ranged weapon

Target: One creature

Attack: Dexterity or Wisdom vs. AC

Hit: 3[W] + Wisdom modifier + Dexterity modifier radiant damage.

Thay Infiltrator Utility 12Divine Veil

While you incant the name of your deity, a burst of glittering light masks you and your allies from view.

Daily        Divine, Healing
Standard Action      Close burst 5

Target: You and each ally in the burst

Effect: Each target can spend a healing surge. In addition, each ally can select one target; that ally gains total concealment from that enemy until the end of your next turn, and the ally can make an immediate Stealth check as a free action to hide from that target.

Thay Infiltrator Attack 20Holy Barrage

You launch a hail of projectiles at multiple foes, all charged with divine energy.

Daily        Divine, Healing, Radiant, Weapon
Standard Action      Area burst 2 within weapon's range

Target: Each enemy in the burst you can see

Attack: Dexterity or Wisdom vs. AC

Hit: 3[W] + Wisdom modifier radiant damage.

Miss: Half damage.

Effect: One ally within 5 squares of you can spend a healing surge, gain a +2 bonus to all defenses until the end of your next turn, or gain regeneration 5 until the end of the encounter (ally’s choice).

Published in Dragon Magazine 370, page(s) 36.