Transcendent Perfection

"I am more than this flawed vessel."

Prerequisite: Monk

The mystics of transcendent perfection believe the mortal body is a faulty receptacle that prevents them from attaining a higher form. They strive to overcome the body’s limitations and attain their true potential. Just as importantly, they believe that they must foster reason and enlightenment, and help others transcend the body to embrace a state of harmonious existence.
    By following the transcendent path, you learn to overcome your physical limitations by solving the riddles of past masters. Each conundrum you unravel opens your mind to greater possibilities. You first learn to shape your words to encourage behavior and alter impressions, to move without interference, or to deny movement to those who oppose you. You learn to close wounds and vanquish ailments with a touch. Upon mastering the techniques of transcendent perfection, you can deny your enemies’ attacks by elevating your consciousness above pain and despair.


    Enlightened Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you shift your speed and are insubstantial until the end of your next turn. You ignore difficult terrain, and you can move across water and other liquid surfaces. You sink if you end your turn on such a surface.
    Riddle of Conversation (11th level): You gain a +2 bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, Insight, and Intimidate checks. You also gain training in one of those skills. In addition, whenever you use your Flurry of Blows power, one ally adjacent to you or to a target of that power can shift as a free action.
    Riddle of Awareness (16th level): You see invisible creatures and objects within 1 square of you. In addition, enemies do not gain combat advantage for flanking you unless you are adjacent to three or more enemies.

Transcendent Perfection Attack 11Riddle of Motion [Attack Technique]

Solving the riddle of motion lets you control your foe’s movement and keeps your enemies from doing the same to you.

Encounter        Full Discipline, Implement, Psionic, Psychic
Standard Action      Melee touch

Target: One creature

Attack: Dexterity vs. Will

Hit: 3d6 + Dexterity modifier psychic damage, and the target is either immobilized until the end of your next turn or you slide the target a number of squares equal to its speed.

Riddle of Motion [Movement Technique]

Encounter      Full Discipline, Psionic, Psychic
Move Action      Personal

Effect: Choose one of the following effects. You move twice your speed and gain a +2 power bonus to all defenses against opportunity attacks provoked by this movement; or you can ignore forced movement until the end of your next turn.

Transcendent Perfection Utility 12Riddle of Health

Your knowledge lets you cleanse the body of injury and incapacitation.

Encounter        Healing, Psionic
Minor Action      Ranged 5

Target: You or one ally

Effect: The target spends a healing surge and makes a saving throw. If the saving throw is against a poison effect, it gains a +5 power bonus.

Transcendent Perfection Attack 20Riddle of Invulnerability

A pulse of psychic power tears at your enemies, exploiting the weakness of their flesh and enhancing your resilience.

Daily        Implement, Psionic, Psychic, Stance
Standard Action      Close burst 1

Target: Each enemy you can see in the burst

Attack: Dexterity vs. Will

Hit: 3d10 + Dexterity modifier psychic damage, and the target gains vulnerable 5 to all damage (save ends).

Miss: Half damage.

Effect: You can enter the riddle of invulnerability stance. Until the stance ends, you gain resist 5 to all damage.

Published in Psionic Power, page(s) 78.