Unveiled Visage

"Look upon my face and see the face of my god."

Prerequisite: Avenger

At the culmination of your rite of initiation years ago, one of the avengers in your secret temple pulled back the hood of a voluminous cloak to reveal a face that was not mortal, but fully divine. You saw the face of your god in that moment, and that sight transformed you. That knowledge of divine presence is what allows you to wield the power you have and what authorizes you to act in your god’s name. Slowly—ever so slowly—you are growing into the image of your god, to the point where your face begins to reveal your deity’s countenance as well.
To the initiated in your faith, the face of your god is a wondrous sight, capable of inspiring awe and increased devotion. To the enemies of your god, the face is a thing of fear, of searing and blinding radiance.
Your path is about your own physical and spiritual transformation. As you progress along the path of the unveiled visage, you become a more clear mirror of your god’s face and a more faithful expression of the god’s will. You can tap into the vigilance of the divine mind and transform yourself into a divine aspect not unlike an angel, flying on wings to better fight your god’s foes.


    Soaring Charge (11th level): When you charge, you can fly your speed as part of the charge. You also gain a +2 bonus to all defenses against opportunity attacks you provoke while moving during the charge.
    Unveiled Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you also gain an extra use of one of your Channel Divinity powers during this encounter.
    Bloodied Might (16th level): The first time you become bloodied during an encounter, you regain the use of radiant visage if you have already used it during this encounter.

Unveiled Visage Attack 11Radiant Visage

The light of your god’s presence shines from your face, searing your foes.

Encounter        Divine, Implement, Radiant
Standard Action      Close blast 5

Target: Each enemy in the blast

Attack: Wisdom vs. Reflex

Hit: 3d6 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage.

Unveiled Visage Utility 12Divine Vigilance

With senses heightened by your god’s presence, you dash past your foes and deny them any opening to attack you.

Encounter        Divine
Move Action      Personal

Effect: You shift your speed. You don’t grant combat advantage to any enemy until the end of your next turn.

Unveiled Visage Attack 20Divine Aspect

You become a more perfect expression of your god’s presence, blistering your enemies with the light of your spirit and sprouting radiant wings to finish the battle.

Daily        Divine, Implement, Polymorph, Radiant
Standard Action      Close burst 1

Target: Each enemy in the burst

Attack: Wisdom vs. Reflex

Hit: 5d6 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage.

Effect: Until the end of the encounter, you gain a +2 power bonus to AC. In addition, you gain a fly speed equal to your speed, and you can hover.

Published in Player's Handbook 2, page(s) 46.