White Horn Knight

Prerequisite: Proficiency in heavy armor.

Eachthighern (pronounced “Whitehorn”), the Lord of Unicorns, is one of the most respected archfey in the Court of Stars. His wisdom is valued and respected by Queen Tiandra, and rival archfey such as Baba Yaga begrudgingly acknowledge his strength. Unlike most other archfey, Eachthighern takes mortal heroes as his personal knights and sends them forth to stamp out evil creatures wherever they are found.
    When Eachthighern needs a new knight, he sends a herald to one of his choices. These heralds are usually eladrin bards, but sometimes he assigns this duty to more exotic fey such as centaurs or unicorns. The herald transports the prospective knight to the Serene Glade, where Eachthighern makes his offer. If the person refuses the offer, Eachthighern is saddened but respects the candidate’s wishes. The herald then takes the person back, but this former candidate loses the memories of the audience thanks to the use of a special type of oblivion moss. If the candidate accepts the offer, the Lord of Unicorns touches the person with his horn, in a manner similar to a king knighting a squire. If the newly accepted knight desires it, he or she receives Eachthighern’s heraldic symbol of a unicorn rampant in a field of deep blue, but such displays aren’t mandatory because Feywild natives instinctively recognize Lord Eachthighern’s mark upon the knight.
    A White Horn knight’s quests include anything from rescuing slaves from fomorian holds to guiding travelers safely through dangerous woodlands plagued by mad dryads, sly verbeeg, or ferocious owlbears. The knights count evil fey such as lamias and hags as their greatest opponents, because these creatures often hunt unicorns for their hearts and horns, which such dark fey use in their horrid rituals.
    A White Horn knight is blessed with some of the Lord of Unicorns’ power and gains the service of a loyal unicorn steed. The knight’s abilities mark the character as a valiant leader in the fight against evil. Though most White Horn knights pay ultimate homage to their lord, some also serve Corellon.


    Unicorn’s Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you or an ally adjacent to you regains hit points equal to 5 + your Strength or Charisma modifier.
    Unicorn’s Advance (11th level): You ignore difficult terrain while charging. If you charge while mounted on your unicorn destrier, it shares this benefit.
    Unicorn’s Blood (11th level): You gain a +2 bonus to saving throws against disease exposure and poison effects. If you are mounted on your unicorn destrier, it shares this bonus.
    Graceful Serenity (16th level): During the surprise round and the first round of combat, you gain a +2 bonus to all defenses. While adjacent to you, your allies also gain this bonus.

White Horn Knight Attack 11Fierce Respite

Your weapon glows with a pearlescent light, delivering that radiance to your foe even as it gives respite to a wounded ally.

Encounter        Arcane, Healing, Radiant, Weapon
Standard Action      Melee weapon

Target: One creature

Attack: Strength or Charisma vs. AC

Hit: 2[W] + Strength modifier or Charisma modifier radiant damage.

Effect: You or an ally within 5 squares of you can spend a healing surge. If your unicorn destrier is adjacent to you or the ally, that character regains additional hit points equal to your Strength modifier or Charisma modifier.

White Horn Knight Utility 12Call Unicorn Destrier

A gentle breeze and a flash of otherworldly light marks the arrival of your unicorn companion.

Daily        Arcane
Standard Action      Ranged 5

Effect: A unicorn destrier appears in an unoccupied space within range. The destrier is an ally to you and your allies, and it serves as a mount to you. While the destrier is serving as a mount, all normal rules for mounted combat apply.
    If no one is riding the destrier, it can take only move actions. When the destrier makes a check, you make the roll using your game statistics, not including any temporary bonuses or penalties.
    The destrier lasts until it drops below 1 hit point, at which point you lose a healing surge (or hit points equal to your surge value if you have no surges left). Otherwise, the destrier lasts until you dismiss it as a minor action or until you start an extended rest.

White Horn Knight Attack 20Blessing of Unicorns

The glowing forms of many unicorns appear, trampling your enemies and bolstering you and your allies with fey magic.

Daily        Arcane, Healing
Standard Action      Close burst 2

Target: Each enemy in the burst

Attack: Strength + 5 or Charisma + 5 vs. Reflex

Hit: 3d10 + Strength modifier or Charisma modifier damage, and the target falls prone.

Miss: Half damage.

Effect: You and each ally within 2 squares of you can spend a healing surge and regain additional hit points equal to your Strength modifier or Charisma modifier.

Published in Dragon Magazine 406.