Steadfast Sentinel Utility 16A Thousand Faces

Your face and form shift to take on the appearance of another creature flawlessly.

At-Will        Polymorph, Primal
Minor Action      Personal

Effect: You alter your physical form to take on the appearance of any humanoid of your size category. You retain your game statistics in your new form. You can also transform the physical appearance of your clothing, armor, and possessions, though they must remain present and maintain the same general shape. For example, you could make your bejeweled scimitar look like a rusted relic, but you could not make it appear to be a backpack or cause it to disappear. Your new form lasts until you use this power again or until you end it as a free action.
    Any creature that attempts to see through your ruse makes an Insight check opposed by your Bluff check. You gain a +5 bonus to your check.

Special: You can use this power only once per round.

Published in Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms.