Curseborn Attack 20Alluring Lights

Three spheres of violet light appear next to your target, drawing their attention and luring them to their doom.

Encounter        Charm, Conjuration
Standard Action      Ranged 10

Targets: One, two, or three squares

Effect: You conjure a sphere of light into the target square. When a creature moves into or begins its turn in that square or an adjacent square, make the following attack as an opportunity attack. You can move an alluring light up to your speed as a move action. If one sphere is dispelled, all the spheres are dispelled.

Attack: Intelligence +4 vs. Will, Wisdom +4 vs. Will, or Charisma +4 vs. Will
Increase to +6 bonus at 21st level.

Hit: The target is immobilized (save ends). Until the target saves, if you move the alluring light that immobilized the target you can also slide the target an equal number of squares to keep the target adjacent to the alluring light.

Sustain Minor: You can sustain this power until the end of the encounter.

Special: This power uses the same ability score as the one you selected for your darkfire power.

Revision (10/14/2009)
In the Hit line, replace “dazed” with “immobilized”.

Published in Dragon Magazine 367, page(s) 41.