Warlord Attack 15Anticipate Attack (Warlord)

Maneuvering to make your enemy open itself up to attack, you deliver a passing blow. Your comrades follow up with strikes of their own.

Daily        Martial, Weapon
Immediate Interrupt      Melee 1

Trigger: An adjacent enemy hits you with a melee attack

Target: The triggering enemy

Attack: Strength vs. Reflex

Hit: 2[W] + Strength modifier damage, and you can shift 1 square.

Effect: Each ally adjacent to the target can make an opportunity attack against it and has combat advantage for the attack.

  Tactical Presence: Each ally gains a bonus to the damage roll equal to your Intelligence modifier.

Addition (4/12/2010)
Added parenthetical (Warlord) to resolve name conflict.

Published in Martial Power, page(s) 110.