Primal Guardian Attack 7Armor of Living Dunes

Primal spirits of sand, stone, and wood infuse your body with energy, transforming you into a creature of desert life and giving you the ability to hurl a blast of sand from your weapon.

Encounter        Polymorph, Primal, Weapon
Minor Action  

Effect: You assume the armor of living dunes form until the end of your next turn. While in this form, you are immune to forced movement. Once before the end of your next turn, you can use the Armor of Living Dunes Attack power.

Armor of Living Dunes Attack

Encounter      Polymorph, Primal, Weapon
Standard Action      Close blast 3

Requirement: The power Armor of Living Dunes must be active in order to use this power.

Target: Each creature in the blast

Attack: Primary ability vs. Reflex

Hit: 1[W] + ability modifier damage, and you push the target 2 squares. In addition, the target is blinded until the end of your next turn.

Level 17:

  Hit: As above, but 2[W] + ability modifier damage.

Level 27:

  Hit: As above, but 3[W] + ability modifier damage.

Published in Dark Sun Campaign Setting, page(s) 59.