Battlemind Attack 1Aspect of Bitter Ice

Your weapon is rimed with ice as you strike. In the aftermath, you are imbued with a bitter cold that protects you and slows your enemies.

Daily        Augmentable, Cold, Polymorph, Psionic, Weapon
Standard Action      Close burst 1

Target: Each enemy you can see in the burst

Attack: Constitution vs. Fortitude

Hit: 1[W] + Constitution modifier cold damage, you push the target 1 square, and the target is immobilized (save ends).

Miss: Half damage, and the target is slowed (save ends).

Effect: You assume the aspect of bitter ice until the end of the encounter. While in this aspect, you gain resist 5 cold and you can use the following augmentation with your battlemind at-will attack powers that are augmentable. This augmentation is in addition to the effects that an at-will power might have; this augmentation doesn’t supersede them.

Augment 1

Effect: Until the start of your next turn, any enemy that starts its turn adjacent to you is slowed until the end of its turn.

Published in Psionic Power, page(s) 36.