Wizard Utility 16Beneficient Transformation

Tendrils of wispy energy surround your foe, assessing and stealing away some essential aspect of its being for your own use.

Daily        Arcane
Minor Action      Ranged 5

Target: You or one ally

Effect: Choose an enemy you can see. The target gains one of the following benefits until the end of the encounter.
    Movement: If the enemy has a climb speed, a fly speed, or a swim speed, the target gains that movement mode and speed.
    Resist: If the enemy has resistance or immunity to a damage type, the target gains resist 10 to the same damage type.
    Senses: If the enemy has low-light vision, darkvision, blindsight, or tremorsense, the ally gains that sense.
    If the enemy has more than one option in one of these categories, you learn all the choices and choose one when you use this power.

Published in Heroes of the Fallen Lands, page(s) 224.