Seeker Attack 9Binding Shot

Two shots leap toward your foes, and when the shots strike, tendrils spread out to bind the foes together.

Daily        Primal, Weapon
Standard Action      Ranged weapon

Target: Two creatures within 5 squares of each other

Attack: Wisdom vs. AC

Hit: 1[W] + 1d8 + Wisdom modifier damage.

Miss: Half damage.

Effect: If both attacks hit, you slide one of the targets 5 squares to a square adjacent to the other target, and each target is bound by vines (save ends). Until this effect ends on a target, that target can’t move by any means to a square that isn’t adjacent to the other target. When a target makes a saving throw against this effect, the target can take 10 damage to gain a +5 bonus to the saving throw.

Published in Player's Handbook 3, page(s) 123.