Ruthless Punisher Attack 20Bleed Away

If your adversary fails to give ground under your assault, your wounding blows feed the earth with blood.

Daily        Martial, Weapon
Standard Action      Melee or Ranged weapon

Target: One creature

Attack: Strength vs. Reflex (melee) or Dexterity vs. Reflex (ranged), three attacks

Hit: 1[W] + Strength modifier damage (melee) or 1[W] + Dexterity modifier damage (ranged) per attack. You slide the target 2 squares and can shift 2 squares after each hit.

Miss: No damage, and you slide the target 1 square and can shift 1 square after each miss.

Effect: The target can negate each slide as a free action, but it then takes ongoing 10 damage (save ends) per square of forced movement negated.

Addition (2/26/2009)
In the Effect line, add “(save ends)” after “ongoing 10 damage”.

Published in Martial Power, page(s) 66.