World Tree Guardian Utility 26Boughs of the World Tree

Gnarled branches burst from the battlefield, granting benefits to your allies and hindering your foes with twisting vines.

Daily        Conjuration, Primal
Standard Action      Close burst 20

Effect: You conjure boughs of the World Tree in five unoccupied squares in the burst that aren’t adjacent to one another. The boughs last until the end of your next turn. The boughs are solid obstacles, and each square adjacent to them is difficult terrain for your enemies.
The boughs can be attacked. Each has resist 20 to all damage, and a bough is destroyed if it takes any damage.
When you use this power, choose one of the following benefits:

  *: Your allies gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls while adjacent to a bough.

  *: Your allies gain a +1 bonus to all defenses while adjacent to a bough.

  *: Any ally who begins his or her turn adjacent to a bough gains temporary hit points equal to your Strength or Wisdom modifier.

Sustain Minor: The boughs persist.

Published in Primal Power, page(s) 156.