Soul of Erosion Utility 12Causticsoul Skin

Your body dissolves into water and acid and clings to your enemy.

Daily        Acid
Move Action      Melee 1

Target: One creature

Effect: You shift 1 square into the target’s space and occupy the same space as the target. While you occupy the target’s space, the target takes ongoing 10 acid damage (save ends), you cannot attack the target, and if the target moves, you move with it. You take half damage from melee and ranged attacks, and the target takes the same amount and type of damage (the target ignores this part of the effect). This effect ends when the target succeeds on its saving throw or if you move or are forced to move out of the target’s space. If the effect ends while you are in the target’s space, you shift to an unoccupied space adjacent to the target.

Published in Dragon Magazine 380, page(s) 23.