Wizard Utility 22Command Water

The waters froth and tumble in response to your command, rising, falling, or parting to create a dry path.

Daily        Arcane
Standard Action      Ranged 10

Requirement: You must use this power during a short or an extended rest.

Target: A lake or a stretch of river that has a diameter in miles of your Intelligence modifier or less.

Effect: Choose one of the following effects. The effect lasts until your next extended rest or until you dismiss it as a standard action.
     You reduce or increase the water’s depth by a number of feet up to your Intelligence modifier.
     You create a dry path through the water. The path is up to 30 feet wide and extends from one shore to the other shore by the shortest distance, from your side of the water to the opposite side.

Published in Heroes of the Elemental Chaos, page(s) 117.