Battlemind Attack 25Corona of the Sunsphere

Your weapon’s arc carves a red orb of force that sears your foes and sends them tumbling away.

Daily        Fire, Psionic, Stance, Weapon
Standard Action      Close burst 1

Target: Each enemy in the burst

Attack: Constitution vs. AC

Hit: 5[W] + Constitution modifier fire damage, and you push the target a number of squares equal to your Charisma modifier.

Miss: Half damage, and you push the target 2 squares.

Effect: You can assume the sunsphere stance. Until the stance ends, you can use the Sunsphere Attack power.

Sunsphere Attack

Daily      Fire, Psionic, Stance, Weapon
Opportunity Action      Melee 1

Requirement: The power Corona of the Sunsphere must be active in order to use this power.

Trigger: An enemy that started its turn adjacent to you willingly moves away from you or makes an attack that doesn’t include you as a target during that turn.

Target: The triggering enemy

Effect: 1[W] + Charisma modifier fire damage.

Published in Dark Sun Campaign Setting, page(s) 85.