Unseelie Agent Utility Create Shadow-Wrought Weapon

You call forth the weapon given you by your master, a weapon that is cold to the touch no matter the temperature of its surroundings.

Encounter        Arcane, Shadow
Minor Action      Personal

Requirement: You must have a hand free.

Effect: You call to your hand a shadow-wrought weapon that lasts until you dismiss it as a free action or until you use this power again. The weapon has a +1 enhancement bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls, and it deals 1d8 extra damage on a critical hit.
    Level 6: +2 enhancement bonus, 2d8 extra damage.
    Level 11: +3 enhancement bonus, 3d8 extra damage.
    Level 16: +4 enhancement bonus, 4d8 extra damage.
    Level 21: +5 enhancement bonus, 5d8 extra damage.
    Level 26: +6 enhancement bonus, and 6d8 extra damage.

Published in Heroes of the Feywild, page(s) 114.