Monk Attack 25Crushing Anger

An enemy’s strike awakens dreadful rage in you, which you turn into a mental onslaught that leaves the creature unable to continue facing you.

Daily        Implement, Psionic
Immediate Reaction      Melee 1

Trigger: An adjacent enemy hits you with an attack.

Target: The triggering enemy

Attack: Dexterity vs. Fortitude

Hit: 4d8 + Dexterity modifier damage.

Miss: Half damage.

Effect: The target is subjected to crushing anger (save ends). While the target is within 2 squares of you, it takes a -2 penalty to saving throws to end this effect. Until the effect ends, you can use a minor action once during each of your turns to deal 10 damage to the target and knock it prone.

Published in Heroes of the Elemental Chaos, page(s) 82.