Raven Knight Utility 26Dark Scythe

You call a dire weapon and grip its cold wood, feeling its merciless energy flowing through your hands.

Daily        Divine, Necrotic
Minor Action      Personal

Effect: You transform a single weapon or implement in your hand into a dark scythe. It remains a dark scythe until the end of the encounter. Your weapon or implement retains all its traits, properties, and powers, and gains the following properties and powers.

Property: The dark scythe deals 2d10 extra necrotic damage.

Property: When you reduce a nonminion enemy to 0 hit points using the dark scythe, you regain hit points as if you had spent a healing surge.

Power (Encounter): Free Action. Trigger: You hit an enemy with an attack using the dark scythe. Effect: That enemy is weakened (save ends).

Published in Dragon Magazine 380, page(s) 66.