Heavenly Deceiver Feature Deceitful Image

The image looks real, smells real, sounds real, and feels real to a light touch. But it’s not real.

Encounter        Illusion
Standard Action      Close burst 10

Effect: You create an illusion of any size within the burst that lasts until the end of the encounter, for 5 minutes, or until you use this power again. It appears real to all senses. If the subject of the illusion would normally emit sounds, the illusion can do so as well, but on a limited basis (subject to the DM’s judgment)—it’s not possible, for instance, for the illusion to engage in an extended conversation.
    You can give the illusion simple instructions such as moving in a set pattern, appearing to chew on local plants, and similar actions. You can also match actions to a specific trigger. An illusion might move when a creature moves next to it or cower and scream when it is attacked, for example. The illusion cannot travel outside the area of the burst.
    You make a Bluff check when the deceitful image is created. Creatures that view or interact with the illusion are entitled to Insight checks opposed by that Bluff check to detect that they are viewing an illusion. A creature is allowed a check the first time it sees the illusion and each time it interacts with it. A creature that touches an illusion automatically determines that the image is fake.

Published in Dragon Magazine 393.