Ardent Attack 19Deflecting Disk

Your attack manifests a shimmering field, which you can move to protect your allies.

Daily        Conjuration, Psionic, Weapon
Standard Action      Melee weapon

Target: One creature

Attack: Charisma vs. AC

Hit: 4[W] + Charisma modifier damage, and you push the target 2 squares.

Miss: Half damage.

Effect: You conjure a shimmering disk of force in a square within 5 squares of you. Allies in the disk’s square or adjacent to it gain a +2 power bonus to all defenses. You can move the disk 3 squares as part of a move action. When an attack hits an ally adjacent to the disk, you can use an immediate interrupt to grant the ally a +2 bonus to all defenses against that attack. The disk lasts until the end of the encounter or until you use the immediate interrupt.

Published in Player's Handbook 3, page(s) 34.