Wizard Attack 19Disintegrate

A brilliant line of ravening green energy bursts from your pointing finger. Where the emerald beam touches, flesh and bone disappear in a puff of gray dust.

Daily        Arcane, Evocation, Implement
Standard Action      Ranged 10

Target: One creature or object

Attack: Intelligence vs. Reflex. You automatically hit an unattended object with this power.

Hit: 4d10 + Intelligence modifier damage, and ongoing 10 damage (save ends).

  Aftereffect: Ongoing 5 damage (save ends).

Miss: 2d10 + Intelligence modifier damage, and ongoing 5 damage (save ends).

Update (1/25/2012)
Updated in Class Compendium.

Published in Player's Handbook, page(s) 166, Heroes of the Fallen Lands, page(s) 227, Neverwinter Campaign Setting, page(s) 80, Class Compendium.