Moon Elf (Eladrin)

In the ancient past, the moon elves reveled in travel and exploration. As a result, though they were the largest in number, their empires were the last to rise. Moon elves today still have this wanderlust, and are thus both numerous and widespread. Open to new experiences and honest by nature, moon elves are often seen as worthy companions by the people they meet in their travels.
    Though the Spellplague inspired many sun elves to retreat further into isolation, most moon elves reacted to the tragedy of that period by forming stronger bonds with other races. Many moon elves now consider themselves a citizen of a worldly nation first and an eladrin second. Others have used renewed links with the Feywild to reconnect with their ancient homeland. In turn, a new generation of moon elves now spreads from the Feywild to explore the world.

Roleplaying a Moon Elf (Eladrin)

    Each new day brings new horizons. You feel the wanderlust of your people, and you look to fresh experiences to grant you new insights on life. No matter how much you have seen, the world always offers more to explore.
    Magic exists in all things. Most moon elves appreciate the fact that magic can be found anywhere—and often in a surprising form. You know to keep an open mind and accept the power that magic can unlock in even the simplest of objects and weakest of creatures.
    A hidden good cannot be great. While the sun elves built up empires in isolation, the moon elves explored the world and saw their culture thrive and grow. In the same way, you know that good deeds should not be hidden. Others who witness acts of charity and nobility take strength and hope from them. Righteousness should be bolder than villainy.

Moon Elf (Eladrin) Benefits

    Moon Elf Skill Bonuses: Moon elves usually devote themselves to the study of magic and history. However, some find that their travels make understanding others and learning the lay of the social landscape more useful in their daily lives.
    Benefits: You gain a +2 bonus to Insight checks and Streetwise checks. This benefit replaces the normal eladrin skill bonuses to Arcana and History.
    Elf Weapon Proficiency: Elves and eladrin of all stripes take time to learn the traditional weapons of their people.
    Benefits: You gain proficiency with the longbow and the shortbow. This benefit replaces Eladrin Education.

Published in Neverwinter Campaign Setting, page(s) 49.