Analyze Portal

Scintillating motes of color sparkle inside the portal and from their patterns and movements you discern its secrets.

Component Cost: 250 gp
Market Price: 800 gp
Key Skill: Arcana
Level: 8
Category: Divination
Time: 1 hour
Duration: Instantaneous

When you perform this ritual, choose a specific active and permanent portal you can clearly see. Analyze Portal causes the portal to erupt with faint lights that flicker and spin, letting you learn a great deal about its destination and function. Its most basic effect is to reveal the portal’s destination. Although a portal usually displays what its destination looks like, this ritual reveals the destination’s name and its general location in the world or the plane on which it is located.
    When you learn the origin and type of the last creature to use the portal, you also learn any keywords associated with that creature.
    Analyze Portal can also reveal the identity of the creature that created the portal. If no creature created it, you learn of the event that created it.

Arcana Check ResultInformation Learned
29 or lowerThe name of the portal's destination
30 or higherThe origin and type of the creature to use it last
30 + one-half creator's levelIdentity of the creature that created it, if any

Published in Forgotten Realms Player's Guide, page(s) 142.