Astral Sojourn

With each word of the ritual, the world around you grows fainter, until finally it vanishes altogether, and you find yourself floating in the silvery void of the Astral Sea.

Component Cost: 3,800 gp
Market Price: 7,000 gp
Key Skill: Religion
Level: 15
Category: Travel
Time: 1 hour
Duration: Special

You must use this ritual in the world. When you perform this ritual, you transport yourself and up to eight allies to a random spot in the Astral Sea.
    Creatures that travel the Astral Sea using this ritual have a faint silver nimbus surrounding them, which coalesces into a ghostly cord trailing a few inches from the neck. The manifestation of the cord represents the traveler’s connection to the location from which they departed the world.
    If you or one of your affected allies leaves the Astral Sea, such as by stepping through a portal to another plane, then the ritual ends and all participants return to the location from which they departed the world. At the end of the ritual’s duration, or upon the death of the ritual caster, the participants also return to the location from which they departed the world.
    The ritual caster can choose to end the ritual at any time. This requires 10 minutes, has no cost or skill check, and instantly returns all participants to the world. A participant always returns to the same location from which he or she departed the world.
    At the completion of the ritual, make a Religion check. The result determines how long the ritual’s participants remain in the Astral Sea.

Religion Check ResultEffect
19 or lower3 days
20 to 297 days
30 to 3921 days
40 or higher 1 year

Published in Manual of the Planes, page(s) 149.