Dark Gift of the Undying

In the unholy name of Orcus, the Blood Lord, you transform another being into a vampiric creature of the night.

Component Cost: 5,000 gp per level of the subject
Market Price: 75,000 gp
Key Skill: Religion
Level: 11
Category: Creation
Time: 6 hours; see text
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite: Caster must be a vampire lord

This ritual can only be performed between sunset and sunrise. As part of the ritual, you and the ritual’s subject must drink a small amount of each other’s blood, after which the subject dies and is ritually buried in unhallowed ground. After the interment, you invoke a prayer to Orcus and ask him to bestow “the Dark Gift” upon the subject. At the conclusion of the ritual, the subject remains buried, rising up out of its shallow grave as a vampire lord at sunset on the following day. This ritual is ruined if a raise dead ritual is cast on the subject or if the subject is beheaded before rising as a vampire lord.
    Performing the ritual leaves you weakened for 1d10 days.

Published in Monster Manual.