Delay Affliction

With effort and focus, you prevent an ally from continuing to suffer from his ailment . . . for now.

Component Cost: 50 gp
Market Price: 175 gp
Key Skill: Heal
Level: 4
Category: Restoration
Time: 30 minutes
Duration: Special

Delay Affliction puts a single enduring effect, any of those affected by Remove Affliction, on hold for a period determined by the ritual caster’s check result. Until that time is up, the target acts in all ways as though he or she were not affected by the affliction. Upon completing this ritual, make a Heal check, using the level of the effect you are trying to delay (or the level of the creature that caused the effect) as a penalty to this check.

Heal Check ResultDuration
9 or lower1 day
10–193 days
20–291 week
30 or higher2 weeks

Published in Dragon Magazine 366, page(s) 28.