Eagle's Flight

Great eagle spirits thunder through the sky, carrying you and your allies to a far-off location.

Component Cost: 400 gp
Market Price: 1000 gp
Key Skill: Nature
Level: 10
Category: Exploration
Time: 10 minutes
Duration: 12 hours

Up to eight giant eagle spirits appear to carry you and your allies. Each eagle can carry one Medium creature. The eagles have a fly speed and an overland flight speed determined by your Nature check.

Nature Check ResultSpeedOverland Flight
24 or lower810
40 or higher1530

Creatures take a -4 penalty to attack rolls and defenses while carried by the eagles. The eagles can’t attack or affect other creatures in any way. The eagles’ defenses are equal to yours, and if an eagle is hit by an attack, it descends to a solid surface to drop off the creature it carries, then flies away. Eagles who have flown away during combat can be called back as a standard action outside combat.

Published in Primal Power, page(s) 157.