A powerful invisible ward protects you from your enemies’ efforts to magically spy on you and from enemies who try to teleport into your presence.

Component Cost: 5,000 gp, plus 5 healing surges
Market Price: 25,000 gp
Key Skill: Arcana
Level: 20
Category: Warding
Time: 30 minutes
Duration: 24 hours (special)

No scrying sensor can enter the area of Forbiddance and no creature can teleport into it, unless the sensor or the creature is higher level than the ritual caster who performed the ritual.
    Your Arcana check determines the size of the warded area, which is a burst.

Arcana Check ResultWarded Area
9 or lowerBurst 1
10–19Burst 3
20–29Burst 5
30–39Burst 8
40 or higherBurst 12

The warding effect lasts for 24 hours, but the ritual caster (not any assistants) can extend this duration by expending a healing surge every 24 hours to sustain it. The caster does not need to be in the same area or even on the same plane to sustain the effect. If the ritual’s effect is sustained without interruption for a year and a day, the effect becomes permanent.

Published in Player's Handbook, page(s) 305.