Ghost Walk

You touch a jeweled heel bone to the ritual subjects, making them fade partially from the world so they can travel like shades of the dead.

Component Cost: 325 gp, plus a focus worth 100 gp
Market Price: 800 gp
Key Skill: Arcana, Religion (no check)
Level: 9
Category: Travel
Time: 10 minutes
Duration: 8 hours

You and up to 8 allies that participate in the ritual seem ghostly. Subjects gain a +5 bonus to Stealth checks, and the group treats its tracks as if they had been obscured. The ritual’s effects end if any of its subjects dismisses it as a standard action, takes a rest, attacks, or is hit by an attack.
Focus: The graven heel bone of a deceased humanoid, set with jet and platinum.

Published in Dragon Magazine 380, page(s) 89.