Memory Seal

Some things are better left forgotten, and you will see to it that they are.

Component Cost: 7,000 gp
Market Price: 2,5000 gp
Key Skill: Arcana
Level: 18
Category: Binding
Time: 1 hour
Duration: Permanent

You lock a single memory away so that the targeted creature can no longer recall it. A single memory sealed away by this ritual can be specific (“seeing me stealing the Darlingian Scepter” or “how to enter my secret laboratory”) or general (“what you read in my journal” or “the last conversation you had today”).
    A target of this ritual must be either willing or helpless for the duration of the ritual. You can target yourself with this ritual only if you have at least one assistant in performing it. On an unwilling target, your Arcana check result must beat the target’s Will defense for the ritual to succeed, in addition to determining how hard the ritual is on the target (in terms of damage; see below).

Arcana Check ResultEffect on Target
24 or lowerDamage equal to the target's maximum hit points
25-29Damage equal to three-quarters the target's maximum hit points
30-34Damage equal to one-half the target's maximum hit points
35-39Damage equal to one-quarter the target's maximum hit points
40 or higherNo damage

Published in Dragon Magazine 366, page(s) 30.