Plane Shift

Light flares around your vessel as it begins to cross the space separating planes, carrying you off to a new location.

Component Cost: 1,000 gp, plus a vehicle with a navigation focus
Market Price: 17,000 gp
Key Skill: Arcana
Level: 18
Category: Travel
Time: 10 minutes
Duration: Instantaneous

You move a vehicle (including the vehicle’s pilot, crew, and load) that has the navigation focus trait from one plane to another.
    At the ritual’s conclusion, you name a location you have previously visited. The location must be a fixed place, and it must be in the same location it was when you last visited it. Once the location is named, make an Arcana check. The check determines the distance between your vehicle and your destination when you arrive on the plane.

Arcana Check ResultDestination Location
19 or lower100 miles from the destination
20–2950 miles from the destination
30–3910 miles from the destination
40 or higherArrive at destination

Instead of choosing a specific location, you can also choose a plane as a general destination. In this case, the vehicle appears in a random location on that plane (no Arcana check necessary). It’s not necessary for you to have visited the destination plane to use the ritual in this manner.
    Focus: A vehicle that has the navigational focus traits.

Published in Manual of the Planes, page(s) 150.