Precise Forgery

Your falsified papers are resistant to even the closest scrutiny.

Component Cost: 1 healing surge
Market Price: 80 gp
Key Skill: Thievery
Level: 5
Category: Martial Practice
Time: 10 minutes
Duration: Permanent

You fabricate papers or documents so that you can foist them off as being authentic. You can create forgeries of any kind, including written orders, treasure maps, paintings, manifests, and land grants. Forging a simple document takes 10 minutes. More complex works take as long as the DM decides.

At the end of the performance of the practice, make a Thievery check. Your check result determines the forgery’s quality. Anyone examining the document must succeed on a Perception check with a DC equal to your Thievery check result to discern the falsehood. If the forgery contradicts other documents or orders, you might have to make a skill check or engage in a skill challenge to convince another creature that the document is authentic.

Published in Dragon Magazine 381, page(s) 121, Martial Power 2, page(s) 151.