Primal Grove

You create a hidden grove, concealed by primal spirits, which grows lush and peaceful and awaits your return.

Component Cost: 12000 gp to create a grove and entrance; 4000 grp to create an entrance
Market Price: 21000 gp
Key Skill: Nature
Level: 19
Category: Travel
Time: 10 minutes
Duration: Permanent (special)

A primal grove is a haven that is magically hidden by primal spirits. You use this ritual either to create a grove and an entrance to it or to create an entrance to a grove that you or someone else created.

Creating a Grove: When you create a grove, it appears in a hidden location in the world or the Feywild, and you determine its password. You also create an entrance to it (see “Creating an Entrance” below).

A grove generates enough food and drink to sustain its occupants and has a moderate, unchanging climate. If you move objects into a grove, they remain there when you leave, but food and other resources created by the grove disappear when removed.

Your Nature check determines the grove’s size in squares and how many creatures it can accommodate.

Nature Check ResultSizeCapacity
24 or lower5 × 525 Medium creatures
25–347 × 750 Medium creatures
35–4410 × 10100 Medium creatures
45 or higher14 × 14200 Medium creatures

Creating an Entrance: A primal grove is inaccessible, except to those who know its password and pass through an entrance to it. You use this ritual to create an entrance to a primal grove, the password of which you must know.

When you create an entrance to a grove, the entrance appears in a square adjacent to you. If a creature that knows the grove’s password enters that square, the creature can teleport to a square in the grove. Anyone inside the grove can exit it as part of a move action, teleporting either to an active entrance or to the most recent entrance if none are active.

Your Nature check determines the duration of the entrance. When you create a grove, you use a single check to create both the grove and an entrance to it. As a minor action, you can close an entrance you created.

Nature Check ResultEntrance Duration
24 or lower1 hour
25–3424 hours
35–441 month
45 or higher1 year

Extraordinary magic might allow someone to enter a grove against the creator’s will.

Published in Primal Power, page(s) 157.