Read Omens

Component Cost: 1 healing surge and a focus
Market Price: 100 gp
Key Skill: Arcana or Religion
Level: 2
Category: Divination
Time: 5 minutes
Duration: Instantaneous

You can ask one question regarding a particular action, framing the question so that the answer tells you whether the chosen action will benefit or harm you or an ally. This ritual can see only about half an hour into the future, and it deals only with the immediate effects of taking a specific action. The ritual cannot deduce long-term consequences or predict the outcome of long-term actions.
    Once you ask the question, the DM secretly rolls an Arcana check or Religion check (whichever provides the higher modifier) for you against a moderate DC. Your allies cannot aid you in making this check. If you try again to predict the outcome of the same action, the ritual supplies the same check result.
    Successful Check: The DM tells you that the intended action should bring one of these results.
    Weal—a good result, such as when the reward outweighs the risk.
    Woe—a bad result, such as when the risk outweighs the reward.
    Weal and Woe—both good and bad, such as when the reward is equal to the risk.
    Nothing—neither a good nor a bad result.
    Failed Check: As per “nothing” above. You can’t tell if this “nothing” is due to a successful check or a failed check.
    Focus: You drop a set of marked sticks, bones, or similar tokens (worth 50 gp) to read the answer to your query in their arrangement.

Published in Dragon Magazine 405.