As the final, solemn words leave your lips, a feeling of quiet absolution washes over you. The fetters of anger and doubt fall away, and your soul flows with the rhythms of the Astral Sea.

Component Cost: 400 gp, plus 4 healing surges
Market Price: 1000 gp
Key Skill: Religion (no check)
Level: 10
Category: Divination
Time: 4 hours
Duration: Instantaneous
Prerequisite: Any divine class

This ritual aligns someone already invested with divine power with the deity or faith for which the ritual was created. It could be a deity that a person strayed from and wishes to return to, or it might be a different faith altogether. It cannot be performed by the character who is being reordained, but that character can assist. In most cases, the candidate for reordination is expected to complete a quest to prove his or her commitment to the new faith before the ritual is used.
    Upon completion of the ritual, its subject becomes associated with the appropriate deity, allowing him or her to select feats, powers, or any other class options requiring that tie. That person’s previous association is dissolved, along with access to any related feats, powers, or other class options.
    If the ritual’s subject is converting to a new deity, a single channel divinity feat associated with his or her former deity can be immediately exchanged for an appropriate one. For example, if a character previously worshiped Avandra and had the Avandra’s Rescue feat, the character immediately loses the ability to use that feat but can automatically replace it with Raven Queen’s Blessing, if the Raven Queen is the character’s new patron deity.
    In addition, once the ritual is complete, the reordained character becomes vaguely aware of the existence and number of any agents (for example, angels, avengers, or other clerics) who have been charged with destroying him or her for crimes of heresy or apostasy. This awareness sharpens when such beings come within 1 mile of the character, but it does not identify or locate them. The awareness lasts for 7 days.

Published in Dragon Magazine 397.