Reverse Portal

You open a portal not from here to there, but from there to here.

Component Cost: 500 gp
Market Price: 2,600 gp
Key Skill: Arcana
Level: 12
Category: Travel
Time: 10 minutes
Duration: Special

You create a shortcut across the fabric of the world, linking your location with a permanent teleportation circle elsewhere on the same plane (see the Linked Portal ritual, Player’s Handbook, page 307). As part of performing this ritual, you sketch out a 10-foot-diameter circle in rare chalks and inks. Alternatively, you can use a permanent teleportation circle, which reduces the component cost to 150 gp and grants you a +5 bonus to your Arcana check.
At the ritual’s completion, make an Arcana check. The result determines the duration that the portal remains open.

Arcana Check ResultPortal Duration
19 or lower1 round
20–393 rounds
40 or higher5 rounds

The portal displays views of the other location in the same way as that created by the Linked Portal ritual, but creatures cannot enter the origin point and appear at the other location. Instead, creatures can only step into the distant end of the portal to appear at the origin point with you.

Published in Player's Handbook 2, page(s) 216.