Ritual of Rebirth

As death grips your soul, your body is reborn in the crystal waters of the Well of Stars.

Component Cost: Special
Market Price: -
Level: 20
Category: Restoration
Time: 8 hours
Duration: Special

You perform this ritual at the Well of Stars, attuning your body to the site so you return there if you are killed. On the first round after you die, your body and all your possessions disintegrate and reform at the well. You return to life as if you had taken an extended rest and are freed of any temporary conditions suffered at death. The ritual works even if you died on another plane, and you do not suffer a death penalty after returning to life.
    You cannot be restored to life if you have been petrified or if you died of old age.
    The Constellation charges 300 gp for heroic-tier characters to use the well, 3,000 gp for paragon-tier characters, and 30,000 gp for epic-tier characters. The magical properties of the well can be used only once per character.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 215.