Shadow Passage

Where shadows lie thick in the world, you can push aside the veil and step into the Shadowfell.

Component Cost: 135 gp
Market Price: 680 gp
Key Skill: Arcana or Religion (no check)
Level: 8
Category: Travel
Time: 10 minutes
Duration: Instantaneous

Use this ritual at a shadow crossing. When you perform this ritual, you shift yourself and up to eight allies from the world to a corresponding location in the Shadowfell, or from the Shadowfell to a corresponding location in the world. The shadow crossing need not be active for Shadow Passage to work.
    You remain in the Shadowfell until you leave by another means or you perform this ritual again at a shadow crossing.
    Special: Shadar-kai have a special connection to the Shadowfell. Consequently, a shadar-kai who has mastered this ritual or performs it from a scroll does not pay the component cost.

Published in Manual of the Planes, page(s) 151, Dungeon Magazine 163, page(s) 53.