Signal of Pursuit

As you attune your senses to the portal, you know that the next time someone steps through it, you will be able to learn everything about their identity.

Component Cost: 125 gp
Market Price: 680 gp
Key Skill: Arcana
Level: 8
Category: Divination
Time: 1 minute
Duration: 1 hour

You enchant a door within 5 squares of where you complete the ritual. The next time that door is opened, you know, as long as you are on the same plane. Depending on your Arcana check result, you can learn more.
    Optional Focus: If you leave a small crystal model of the door worth at least 100 gp within 5 squares of the affected door, the ritual’s duration becomes permanent as long as the model remains within 5 squares of the door.

Arcana Check ResultInformation Gained
19 or lowerThe door is opened.
20–39The name of the creature that opened it.
40 or higherAn image of the creature doing it.

Published in Dragon Magazine 366, page(s) 31.